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About Promotor Rent a Car Broker Since years we have developed car rental activity in Romania. We started this business as a local rent a car provider in Bucharest, and focused our attention on customers' needs and concerns. When choosing auto rental in Romania for business or personal travel we have the answer in what regards the highest expectations. Safety, comfort, honesty and quality of services is one of our most important set of values.

Registered Company

S.C. Promotor Rent a Car S.R.L is a local registered company in Bucharest, Romania, with main activity in providing legal car hire services by signing a contract and all documentation done on paper. In order to increase our competences we established Professional System Training for our personnel. Promotor Rent a Car Broker applied a set of rules efficient and implemented according to auto rental quality standards. Our company operates within the laws of the country, we adapt and respect the rules. Your feedback makes us better!

Value for Money

We aim to ensure a responsible and competitive rate for our clients. Our strategy of economy for clients is developed on two stages of renting.
Short-term (1-60 days) strategies are applied through discounts, loyalty programs, special offers and lowest rates for membership users and newcomers.
Our long term strategy evolves with high quality services, invariable and unique monthly rate, all taxes and insurance
included and inspections and repairs provided for the entire rental period.The car will be delivered by registered employees of Promotor Rent a Car Broker in any location or airport.

Our price presents no hidden costs or charges, VAT included, airport and delivery surcharges. The payment can be performed through a bank account ,cash, currency accepted: RON EUR and GBP  or Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard/Maestro).

Contact Us

Promotor Rent a Car Broker will always be only one phone call away:
- phone number available 9-18:00 - GMT +2 : +40734 403 403 
- email address: office@auto-rent.ro

Choose from our available cars, make a reservation on our website www.auto-rent.ro faster and safely, and take advantage of lowest rates, great deals and special offers for rent a car services in Romania.

Team Purpose 

Our company is proud to provide new models of vehicles, we offer rent a car services at highest standards, safety 
and punctuality. Our employees benefit ofwage satisfaction, profitable growth and social development. Promotor Rent a Car Broker is focused on client satisfaction, service development and collaboration with our members concluded in improving rental services and bring it to its highest standards at competitive rates. With local staff at your disposal you have no worries regarding car hire requirements during your stay in Romania. 

Find your best way to travel with Promotor Rent a Car Broker Team!

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