Rules for driving in Romania - Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest

Rules for driving in Romania - Promotor Rent a Car Broker

Traffic regulations and driving conditions!

For a pleasant and safe route, please obey the traffic rules below:    

Drug and Alcohol Limit in Romania

Traffic police has right to stop and vehicle and test the driver regarding drugs and alcohol consumption. The alcohol limit allowed is 0.00mg/l, if the driver has alcohol content under  0.4mg / l of pure alcohol in the exhaled air, he will be fined, if the alcohol level is higher than 0,40mg/l (0.80g / l of pure alcohol in blood) is punishable by imprisonment to 1 to 5 years.

The limits and punishments are the same in case of drugs or pills consumption with similar effects. In any of the situation above, the vehicle will be immobilized and your driving license will be withdrawn.

 Speed limits:

Traffic on motorways: -  130 km for cars and motorcycles (80 mph) and 110 Km for utilities (65 mph)

Urban Traffic: - 50 km (30mph)

Traffic on European roads and express: - 100 km for cars and motorcycles (60mph) and 90 Km for utilities (55 mph)

Traffic on other roads - 90 km for cars and motorcycles (55 mph) and 80 Km for utilities (50 mph)

Vehicles with trailers and drivers with less than one year driving experience, will low the speed limit with  20 km (12 mph) for any type of road.

Other rules:

- Minimum driving age is 18 and minimum age to rent a car is 21.

- Driving is on the right side of the road.

- USA, Canadian and UE driving licenses are valid in Romania.

- Seat belt use is mandatory when using the car, by driver and passengers;

- All roads have speed limits distinctly outlined on signboards by the side of the road.

- Mobile phone use is prohibited, unless the drive owns a hand-free system. A fine will be applied otherwise

- Fines apply for driving under the influence of alcohol and is considered a criminal offense

- Low beam is used when driving on the road both night and day time.

- Romanian police have the right to  issue a fine for car parking in unauthorized places

- In case of accident or major damage, on the public highway, mark your presence with lights and emergency warning triangle. If the accident involves victims, call emergency number 112  and wait for police and ambulance, without moving the vehicle or to remove traces

- Children aged under 12 must wear seat belts and transport is not allowed in the front, children under 3 years are transported in approved restraint devices

- Car driving takes place on the right side of the road

- Is a prohibited  to drive with vehicle that is technically inadequate and which does not have an insurance policy

- Foreign drivers who want to drive in Romania can drive on public roads for 90 days, after that period is required the release of an international driving license.

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