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Frequently asked questions car rental Romania Promotor Rent a Car

1. What documents are required to rent a car?

In order to hire a vehicle from Promotor Rent a Car you will need the following documents: - ID / Passport

      - Driving license with a minimum of 12 months experience.In case it is non-Roman lettering, you will need an international driving license
      - Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Maestro)

2. What is the minimum age?

The minimum age required, in order to rent a car is 21.

3. Is there a mileage limit?

There is unlimited mileage for a rental period longer than 3 days. Otherwise the limit is 300 km/day and overcoming them will be charged with 0.07 eurocents/km.

4. Will the car have a full tank of fuel when I pick it up?

All cars are delivered with the full tank or part-full in some cases and must be returned the same. Otherwise you will be charged with 30 euro/quarter tank. To avoid this time consuming problem we offer you the possibility of an advanced fuel tank payment.

5. Can someone else drive the rented car?

The rental vehicle is insured only for the person that makes the rental. If anyone else plans to drive the car, he/she must be added to the rental agreement from the start. Others additional drivers will be charged with 5 eur/day, maximum 50 eur/rental.

6. How much does the rental cost?

The cost for the rental depends on the class of car and rental period. One day's rental equals 24 hours. We allow a grace time of 2 hours before we charge for an additional day, so if you take the car for 27 hours for instance, it would be charged as 2 days.

7. What happens if I need help outside office hours?

Promotor Rent a Car provides free 24 hours Roadside Assistance anywhere in Bucharest. In case of breakdown, emergency or accident involving the rental car, please contact us immediately on the phone number you have on the rental document.

8. What happens if the car is extra damaged?

When renting a car, the existent damages (scratches, dead ends, cracks) will be written down in the contract. Through the rental period the customer is responsible for any extra damage and he will be charge according to contact agreement. The customer can opt for additional insurances.

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