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We recommend that you book your car in Botosani in advance. During the high season, cars may become sold out or prices are going to rise!

Tip: It is very important you reserve your car in advance rather than arriving at the airport and risking higher rates, or even worse, no cars at all.

Botosani Rent a Car, Travel and Tourism Information

Botosani is the northeast county of Romania and it is the residence town of the county with the same name. Botosani has been documentary certified since 1350, being placed at the interested intersection of the main commercial roads, it has been a center of the craft production and a  blossoming market of Moldova. Starting with  1968 it becomes the county’s residence and until 1992 is followed by o period of development and rapid growth of the population towards the maximum of  126 000 citizens. 


Botosani town is situated at the intersectia of nationals roads 29B (Dorohoi - Targu Frumos) and 29 (Saveni - Suceava), including on the course of european road E58 with connects the north-west border of the country with the north-east one. Therefore, the town has always been a connection betwen Bucovina, Basarabiei and also Ukraine. In Botosani there are many bus stations from where daily buses towards the majority of the country's towns leave. Also, Botosani is connected to one of the country's most important railway, the one that ensures the connection between Suceava - Bucuresti. The closest airport is the one from Suceava - Salcia, placed at 33 km distance. This airport  has regular flights with Otopeni Airport  and Vienne.  

Touristic attractions and places to visit in Botosani 

With a very rich cultural life, Botosani town has had, along time, important personalities of science and culture: Mihai Eminescu, Nicolae Iorga, George Enescu and many others. Regarding important locations to visit when you are in Botosani we can remind The next ones: Mihai Eminescu Park, Ipotesti Memorial, The Old Center, Botosani Philharmonic, Stefan Luchian Art Galleries, County Museum, Ceramics Workshop, etc.

Promotor Rent a Car services in Botosani

One of the most convenient options when you need a ride through Botosani or to travel outside the city, without a personal car, is renting a car. In order to avoid the delaies and other unpleasantness regarding train transport or other public transport means, car rentals are among the most secure, confortable and advantageous solutions. In order to help the clients from Botosani, who want to enjoy a rented car at the best prices, Promotor Rent a Car has extended in this town it’s local partnerships network. Also, having a lot of new cars and a team of operators and professional drivers, Promotor Rent a Car offers rent a car services at the highest standards.

For a more pleasant and stressless ride, you can use rent a car services from Botosani, offered by Promotor Rent a Car Botosani. Rent cars at cheap and competitive prices. Reserve today and benefit of the curent promotions. Our prices have all the taxes included and there are no other hidden taxes. Rent a car from a secure company, with an experience of over 10 years in the field. There are no taxes for card payment. Find the best quality-price raport in Botosani  only with Pomotor Rent a Car. Compare the renting prices, choose and reserve a car and we will deliver you the car anywhere in Botosani. We collaborate with the biggest local rent a car agencies and we can offer you advantageous prices.

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