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We recommend that you book your car in Timisoara in advance. During the high season, cars may become sold out or prices are going to rise!

Tip: It is very important you reserve your car in advance rather than arriving at the airport and risking higher rates, or even worse, no cars at all.

Timisoara Rent a Car, Travel and Tourism Information

The first historical registration of Timisoara town dates around 1212. Timisoara was built on the spot of an old ancient roman fortress called Teme Castrum regium. Timisoara town is the biggest town in the west of Romania and has become a very developed commercial town. Timisoara s charm, situated on the side of Bega river is made by it’s distinct architecture and the vibrant cultural life. 

Places to visit

Also known as The Little Vienne, Timisoara hosts theatre and music shows, museums and art galeries. Also, in Timisoara you can discover a vibrant night life! Timisoara was the first town in Europe and the second in the world which used electric energy in order to iluminate it’s public streets. Some of the most interesting places to visit in Timisoara are it’s elegant buildings, in baroque style, spread around the town and especially along the main market, Vistoria Market, which spreads from The Opera Market to Loga Bulevard. The most important point of Timisoara is The Mitropolitan Orthodox Chatedral from the head of the market, which was built between years  1936 and 1946.


More bus lines, trams and trollies  connect the main areas with the touristic atractions from Timisoara. The transport sistem is functional between the hours 5:00 and 23:00; the tickets for these transport lines must be early bought.

Promotor Rent a Car services in Timisoara

One of the best options when you need to go around Timisoara or to travel outside the town, without a personal car, is to rent a car. In order to avoid the delaies and other unpleasant things regarding traveling by train or other public transport means, renting a car is among the most secure and confortable solutions, but also advantajeaous as a price.

For suporting the clients from Timisoara, who whish to enjoy a rented car at the best prices, Promotor Rent a Car has extended the local partnership  network. In the same time, havind a number of new cars and a team of operators and professional drivers, Promotor Rent a Car offers rent a car services at the highest standards. For a more enjoyable and stressless trip, you can use rent a car services from Timisoara, offered by Promotor Rent a Car Timisoara. Rent cars at cheap and competitive prices. Reserve today and benefit of the curent promotions. Our prices have all the taxes included and there are no other hidden taxes. Rent a car from a secure company, with experience in the field of over 10 years. There are no taxes for card payment. Find the best quality-price raport in Timisoara, only with Promotor Rent a Car.

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