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We recommend that you book your car in Vaslui in advance. During the high season, cars may become sold out or prices are going to rise!

Tip: It is very important you reserve your car in advance rather than arriving at the airport and risking higher rates, or even worse, no cars at all.

Vaslui Rent a Car, Travel and Tourism Information

Vaslui city is the residence town of the county with the same name, situated at a distance of aproximatively 75 km from Iasi. It is situated in the east of Romania, near Moldova Republic border. Vaslui is documentary atestat since 1375 and has a population of almost 55 400 locuitori. It is the second city from the county, as a size, after Barlad.


The accesibillity in Vaslui city is made through buses from Transurb Vaslui company and through taxies. Vaslui city is crossed by railway Faurei - Ungheni (Moldova border crossing), which connects is to Bucharest and Constanta, through Buzau. The roads that passes through Vaslui are DN24 (Iasi - Vaslui), DN2F (Bacau - Vaslui), DN15D (Piatra Neamt - Vaslui). Vaslui has no airport, the closest airports being the one from (at 76 km ) and Bacau (89 km).

Touristic objectives

Tourism development is a future alternative for the development of Vaslui. In Vaslui you can visit Copou Park, situated in the north of the town, The Summer Theatral Park, situated in The Youth Park and The Civic  (the central market of the town. Also, you can visit a series of monuments and historical places: The Romanian Church  Cutting the head of John the baptiser, Penes Turkey Mausoleum, The Independence Monument from The Independence Market and The Monument of the Heroes from World War Second.

Promotor Rent a car services in Vaslui

Rent a car service from Vaslui is an ideal option when you want to enjoy a vacation in Moldova and you need a transport solution, which can allow you  to have big volume of baggages. Also, the possibillity of leaving and making a stop anytime, without depending the public transport is another important benefit.

In order to offer a more secure transport solution, more confortable and faster, Promotor Rent a Car Vaslui offers the tourists and those who develop businesses in Vaslui the most advantajeous rent a car services. Also, in order to respond the transport neccessities of those who spend their vacation in Romania or those who need a car for their business, Promotor Rent a Car offers in Vaslui rent a car services on a short, medium and long term. Moreover, Promotor Rent a Car can also offer you car transfer services in Vaslui, at the highest standards, offering professional drivers, seriosity and punctuality to their clients.

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