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Terms and Conditions of Promotor Rent a Car RomaniaThese Terms and Conditions, together with Privacy Policy, represents our understanding between S.C. Promotor Rent a Car S.R.L. and you, the tenant, for car rental services, and apply to all our contracts for rendered services. Acceptance of our services or signing a lease shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the fact that you accept the Terms and Conditions of rental.

Promotor Rent a Car may periodically change the terms and conditions, in which the car rental services are carried out, that is why we recommend you to periodically check our website, to take into account any modification operated. If you, the renter, do not agree with any of our rental terms or conditions, you should not continue with your reservation. Confirming that you want to book a car through our website, online or by phone, is indicating that you have read, understood and accepted these terms. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Promotor Rent a Car can not be held liable for the driving by the tenant, while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, intentional causing of damage, off road driving and driving without attention.

Aditional driver

The terms and conditions for the extra driver are the same as the ones for the main one.
Cost for 2nd driver: 2 EUR/day. max 30 eur/rental.


The minimum rental age is 23 years.

Road assistance

Using our services you will benefit from roadside assistance 24/7 by calling the phone number: +4 0734 403 403


All insurances are included in the rental price (CDW, TP and RCA) with excess between € 300 and € 1,500 (this deposit is an amount locked in a credit card, although in some cases can be paid cash, so if you want this option, please inform us in advance to confirm, before the taking over of the car).

Standard Insurace limits the customer's responsibility, in case of major damages to the car, to the amount of guarantee.

TP (Theft Protect): This type of insurance reduces customer's responsibility, in case of theft or attempted theft, to the amount of guarantee. RCA (liability car insurance) is an insurance whereby third parties, injured after a car accident due to the fault of the insured driver, receive compensation for material damage and/or injury suffered. If the vehicle is damaged during the rental period, you will be charged with a maximum amount equal to the insurance excess value. If you were reckless or negligent or you have driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you have to pay the entire amount related to repairs. You will find specific details to each type of insurance in continuation of these Terms and Conditions.

Full Insurance

Is a daily optional insurance and can be charged for a reduced responsibility, in case of damages caused to the vehicle body, following a road accident, vandalism, theft or attempted theft. In this case, there is only a very small deposit of 100 euro you need to pay as a guarantee/deposit. The cost of insurance is depending on your rented car and is between € 3-30 per day. For drivers under the age of 25, insurance prices are doubled. Super CDW Insurance is subject to terms and conditions. It does not cover the followings: windshield, windows, wheels and/or tires, car interior, ceiling, damages by driving off-road and towing costs. If damage is produced to the car, you are obliged to fill out an accident report in the presence of Promotor Rent a Car agent. The tenant is also obliged to make a declaration to nearest Police station, request and obtain a copy of the police report following the ascertainment of damage produced to rented car. Following situations are excepted to Super CDW Insurance: when the person driving the car is not one of the drivers specified in the rental agreement, when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, when the car is driven negligently or without enough attention or when produced damage is intentional. In these circumstances, you will not be exempt from payment of this damage and will pay the entire amount necessary for repairs. Please note that this “waiver” doesn’t actually eliminate the deductible, but just reduces it at 100 euro!


The minimum rental period is 2 days. Promotor Rent a Car's agents are at your disposal for the pickup / return of a rented car at any location inside Bucharest City and in all major cities in Romania. You can check the availability of each car on the website under "car reservations" or calling the following phone number: +40734 403 403

Crossing the border

For customers who want to travel by rented car outside Romania, is perceived an additional fee ranging between € 80 and € 500, depending on chosen destination, representing the value of a foreign insurance. Rented cars can not leave the territory of Romania without the written consent of Promotor Rent a Car SRL. Any attempt to leave territory of Romania by car rental is illegal, it will be considered theft and will be urgently announced to Police bodies.

Methods of Payment and Deposit/Guarantee

Rental payments can be made both by credit card (Visa Mastercard) and cash, accepted coins are: EUR, USD, GBP. The only restriction is applied to retaining the guarantee, being mandatory the use of a credit card. Deposit/Guarantee is an amount blocked on the credit card of main driver. The deposit is normally returned at the end of rental, if the car is returned in the same condition as it was at reception. Cash payment of Guarantee or with Debit Card is rarely accepted and is up to the company Promotor Rent a Car SRL, so please let us know before taking the car, if you expressly ask this. Upon receipt of the vehicle, please check carefully if it has eventual faults and report to the rental agent, to be noted in rental agreement, before departure. Besides, we recommend you to check the vehicle together with our agent on return, in order not to appear, in time, accusations of faults that have not been committed by you. The tenant is responsible for all road tolls, parking and circulation fines, vehicle lifting off from a place with forbidden stopping and for any other costs occurring during rental. Promotor Rent a Car reserves the right to maintain blocked the warranty for a period of 24-48 hours, if upon taking the car from the tenant, there are suspicions that had been produced vehicle damage or if, due to the high degree of soiling of car, can not be identified eventual scratches or faults.


The car can be delivered/taken both from Promotor Rent A Car office (31, Boulevard Youth, 4th District, Bucharest) and from any other location in country. This service is € 10 during office hours (08.00-20.00) for location in Bucharest and outside office hours shall be applied a fee of € 15/delivery or takeover. In the event that, due to delay of flight, taking of the car will be outside working hours, shall be paid an additional fee of € 15.

Capacity and Type of Car

Our cars are insured for a maximum number of passengers and a certain amount of luggage, so we do not take responsibility in case that the vehicles are not suitable for number of passengers or quantity of luggage. Please check the descriptions of cars, to see the number of admitted passengers and the quantity of luggage allowed for each type of car. Promotor Rent a Car can not guarantee a specific brand or model of car. The shown cars are with informative title and can be replaced with a similar or superior class (free upgrade).

Providing of Cars

Promotor Rent a Car reserves the right to refuse providing cars for rent to any person deemed unfit to drive.

Driving license

People who want to rent a car must have a valid driver's license with a minimum experience of 2 years. Our reservation center must be notified of the presence of any penalties on the driving license, when booking, and we will assume responsibility to refuse to rent in these conditions. A copy of driver's license and other identification documents (identity card, passport and so on) will be made by the Promotor Rent a Car's agent, at the time of returning the car.


All cars are delivered with a certain amount of fuel (a quarter or half a tank) and must be returned likewise. The car must be returned with same amount of fuel as at takeover. Otherwise, shall be applied a fee of € 30 per ¼ (quarter) of a tank shortage. To avoid this, we offer you the possibility to pay a full of fuel in advance, at the lowest price charged by local fuel stations, thus the returning of car will be made with the empty tank. Promotor Rent a Car can not return some of the money, if the car was returned with a larger quantity of fuel than at takeover.

Outside office hours rental

Renting a car is available 24/7. During office hours (08:00-20:00), the delivery / return is FREE (Bucharest Office) but outside this program, we charge a fee of € 15 per delivery/return. For delivery / return to Otopeni Airport we charge a fee of  € 10.

Prepayment Option

Usually the rental payment is made in the moment you pick up the car. If necessary the payment can be made via bank transfer

TP - Theft protection

This type of insurance reduces the customer's responsibility, in case of theft or damage caused to the car following an attempted of theft, to the amount of guarantee/deposit. In the event of theft caused by negligence of customer, Promotor Rent a Car will require payment of the car.

CDW - The Collision Damage Waiver insurance

limits customer's responsibility, in case of damage to the car, to amount of guarantee/deposit retained at the beginning of the lease, unless damage caused is made intentionally or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Exceptions are the followings: driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving the car in an inconsistent manner and sloppy, off road driving, driving the car by a person who is not one of the drivers specified in the lease. CDW Insurance covers the liability for damage caused to bodywork and to accessories of the car, following a road accident, but DO NOT cover damage caused to windshields, keys, tires and wheels, component parts, motor of the car.


VAT: 19% included in the rental price.

Cash in Advance

Payment for rental, generally, is made upon taking the car by client, but also in advance, by bank transfer or by signing an agreement of debiting a debit/credit card. If you want prepayment, please contact us.

Returning ahead of schedule or in another location

The duration of rental period begins and ends in accordance with details contained in the lease and price will be calculated within 24 hours and communicated when booking. If you wish to extend the rental period after you took the car or to return it after the term itself, you must contact us 24 hours before and pay a rental price/day which may be the same or higher than the one offered at the beginning of the lease. Promotor Rent a Car can not return some of the money, if car was returned earlier. The rentals of the car with delivery in another location must be confirmed in advance and require payment of additional fees.

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