Long Term Rental Advantages

Operational Leasing - Long-term car rental at your prices!

Long-term renting is probably one of the most practical of services. Why, you ask? Because you can simply forget about financing and administrating your company's own car-park and let us handle it.
The managing of costs is vital for your company and the cost for maintaining a fleet of cars (acquisition, maintenance) is a delicate and demanding matter.

Here are some of the advantage of long-term car renting with services included:

1) Financial aspects

- Monthly rents imply an expense fully deductible at the time of the registration, incomparable to financial crediting and leasing.
- No advance is perceived (as opposed to a 10 to 30% advance required by financial leasing) and vehicles are not registered to your company - thus increasing its financing capabilities.
- No financial risks - maintenance, repairs and ultimately resell is covered in full by us, leaving you to enjoy a more transparent, more predictable and much more simple income.

2) Predictability:

Fixed monthly cost for the duration of the contract.

All Taxes (insurance, road tax), insurance (CASCO and RCA) plus a complete services (replacement vehicle, maintenance, repairs, change of tires, MOT) - all are included in the monthly cost.

3) Flexibility:

Your company's needs obviously evolve in time. We can offer you flexible contracts and allow modifications to the period of rent, the mileage and, of course, the type of vehicle.

Partnerships with newly-founded companies.

4) Safety and comfort: 

Non-stop road assistance and vehicle in exchange whenever necessary. That means that your team is always on the move, operates at maximum efficiency, making them more productive.

Repairs and MOTs are done properly and on time, in accordance to the regulations of the manufacturer.

Personalized offer, shaped to your needs. More details can be obtained from our consultants

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