5 Reasons Why You Should Choose To Rent Cars In Romania

If you are going to vacation in Romania or live nearby, there are undeniable benefits when you choose to rent cars in Romania. In fact, most smart travelers choose rentals over public transportation or cabs for a variety of reasons. If you are going to be in Romania, consider why renting a car can be a smart move!

1. Go Anywhere You Want, Whenever You Want

Sometimes, when you choose public transportation or hire a cab company to drive you, there are certain limits to where they can take you. For example, public transportation may drop you blocks off before your destination and cabs have to be hired with an appointment. When you choose to rent a car, you allow yourself the freedom to travel anywhere you want, whenever you want. You have a better control of your travels overall.

2. Cut The Transportation Costs

If you would like to do some traveling in Romania and get the most out of your visit, choosing to rent cars in Romania is an affordable option. Most travelers in fact generally spend less renting a car than using public transportation in combination with taxis. This can be a great way to save money on a tighter budget.

3. Rental Cars Are Safer

No matter how safe you think a neighborhood or certain city is, you can never really be too careful. Public transportation isn’t always safe, especially when you take into account shady figures that you can find on a bus. Rental cars provide a safe environment, especially for those who are traveling with family and friends.

4. Assistance

There is nothing more useful than getting assistance in Romania if your car breaks down. When you choose to rent cars in Romania, the company will protect you. This means if your engine stalls or the tire pops, the company will take care of your needs. This can be a very useful service to have if you have never been to Romania or traveled abroad.

5. Insurance Coverage

In case of damages to your property or persons outside of the vehicle, the rental company has insurance coverage to cover the costs. This means that you are pretty much protected against petty break-ins or assaults. All rental companies are required to have this type of insurance in Europe, but they will not cover the costs of a stolen or damaged car. Renters will need to separately purchase CDW and theft insurance.

Renting cars in European countries especially in Romania, is an affordable and smart choice. It allows more freedom, whether it is for leisure or business travels and takes the guesswork out of traveling in Romania.

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