5 Tips For The Best Car Hire In Romania

Promotor Rent a Car

Promotor Rent a Car

Tips to Rent a Car In romania

Have you ever noticed that one of the most stressful parts of taking a vacation is renting a car? You never are quite sure if you are getting the best deal. If you went with another agency, could you have gotten a better, faster, bigger car? When you rent a car there is only one thing to keep in mind, supply and demand.

That is all you need to remember if you are unsure of the price. If there is a high demand for cars at the time you need one, you will be paying top dollar. One of the best work arounds for this theory is to book as early as possible. This way you can get a great deal on the car of your dreams. We have a few more tips that will make your rental car booking much easier. In fact, we have compiled the top five tips for renting a car. This guide will make your experience much easier and enjoyable as a whole.

Our number one tip

Just to book as early as possible. If you feel like booking months ahead of time is too soon, you are wrong. In fact, you want to be booking multiple months ahead of your need. An ideal time frame is to try and book at least three to four months ahead of time. You will get a much lower rate, because there are very few people who rent a car so early. In fact, for most people it is a last minute detail they book.

A hidden gem of a tip is to reserve your vehicle at an off-site location. You may have noticed that one agency can have multiple locations listed online. One of the easiest ways to find them is by doing an online search for „rent a car Bucuresti”. This will give you a list of several locations, many will be at or near the airport. One of the best ways to save some money and avoid all the crowds is to visit an agency several blocks from the airport.


To make your life easier, it is imperative to have all of your identification ready. For sake of time you want to have all of your information prepared ahead of time. Make sure that you have a valid credit card and ID in the mix of things. You may be left high and dry without a major credit card. Just because you booked online and your reservation was accepted without a credit card, does not guarantee you a car. You credit card is needed to put a deposit down for the car. Your ID is needed to make sure the agency can get the correct credit score for the best possible rate.

To avoid any surprise charges, be certain to fill the gas tank before signing off on the car. Many rental companies include large surcharges for bringing a car back on an empty tank. Your contract should tell you how full the tank was when you rented it, just top it off to that level. By remembering to follow this simple step, you will escape any fuel surcharges.

Carefull with car rental

Before leaving the keys on the counter, look over the car for any new dents or scratches. This is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of renting a car. Depending on your credit score and the type of car you rented, you may have placed a rather large deposit down. If the representative finds anything potentially wrong with the car you could lose a significant portion of it. If you happen to find any damage let the agency know about it. If they find it instead of you, they will more than likely hold your entire deposit You will find that being honest in this case like any other is the best policy.

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