A Few Romanian Car Rental Advantages

Despite common belief, there are plenty of Romanian car rental advantages that you can’t find anywhere else. These Romanian car rental advantages range from lower prices to a better selection of vehicles. Here are some great tips that will help you take advantage of the Romanian car rental advantages.

Tip 1: Investigate the rented vehicle.

Don’t pay for any vehicle until you have thoroughly inspected the interior and outside. If you find any scratches or dents, take a picture and make sure that the rental company is aware. This prevents rental companies from taking advantage of you by saying that you are liable for the damage. They may be able to find a different vehicle that has no visual damage.

Tip 2: Don’t forget your paperwork.

If you show up at the Romanian car rental service and don’t have the correct documents, such as your license, you are just out of luck. The best thing to do is check the official website and find out exactly what documents are required to rent a car from their services. If you can’t find any mention on the website, then call the rental company directly and ask what documents you should bring in order to legally rent a vehicle. Some companies may have certain requirements that others do not.

Tip 3: Don’t wait until the last minute.

Do you want to pay the least amount possible for your rental car? Do you want to drive a specific vehicle? If you answered -Yes- to either of those questions, then you need to plan ahead and reserve online. Rates will be higher in person and closer to the date when you want to rent the vehicle. You also aren’t guaranteed to get the vehicle you want, which could wind up costing you more money in gas. Consider the duration of your rental at this time as well. The best rates are usually weeklong rentals and the second best rates come on the weekends. If either of those fit in your travel schedule, then you should take advantage of the savings.

Tip 4: Don’t settle.

You have to spend plenty of time looking through all of your options. If you make a decision too quickly, you might wind up settling for something when something better is out there. The rental deals will still be the same tomorrow most likely, that gives you plenty of time to look through all of the available rental services in the area. You might be surprised by who is offering a special. You could easily miss big savings by making a decision too quickly.

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