About how chose a car rental company when travel in Romania

Chose a car rental company

Chose a car rental company

This blog is intended to help all those who have questions when they want to rent a car, about how chose a car rental company when travel in Romania.

We will first try answer common questions that come from our customers: How to take a car, what documents should I have when and how do i have to pay, what guarantee do i have to pay for renting a car! There are many questions that our clients will receive an answer, short and straightforward!

We’ll start with the begining!

How do I choose a company of car rental? Usually, as in any field, a recommendation from a knowledge may be the best choice! In case you have not friends who rented cars before, we propose to use a search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN to find a car rental company.
If you are already here, then you resolved the first problem! 🙂

To find a company is easy, but what company to choose! So, how do I choose a company to rent from the multitude of companies found?

One of the first steps should be checking the contact page to avoid fake or Sites occurred overnight. As more details contact may be a good start: Telephone, phone mobil.address etc!

Secondly and very important is to contact a company to determine their conditions. A very important factor too is price, at the same time there may be some other „dozens” of other taxes that may not be announced: VAT fee, pick-up/return car fee, extrahour fee … and the list can continue.

In an attempt to avoid these fears, we put on all webpages of our company :
We guarantee the lowest prices! No hidden FEES!

We try to provide the best services at prices without competition. You are the ones that you can say if we do or not our job!

What we’re offering?
Brand new cars 2007-2008 models ! Economic class: Dacia Logan MCV, Opel Astra, Opel Astra N-Joy . FullSize and Business: Opel Vectra, Skoda Octavia, Toyota Avensis , BMW 318d, BMW 520d, BMW 530d, Audi A4.

The Promotor Services’s prices has all taxes included: VAT (value added tax), insurance (insurance RCA and insurance Casco ), Rovinieta (road tax), all other tax.

We will continue in the following articles to tell you what car to choose a car in Romania! Roads are diferent in Romania, the romanian’s drivers are diferent,so we believe that we will be helpful.

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