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Romania is popular destination visited every year by tourists from all over the world who seek the beauty in medieval architecture and the quaint villages and towns that Romania has to offer. Car rental in Romania has become an important aspect for tourists to travel around. When you rent a car you should familiarize yourself with the road laws and speed limits to ensure an enjoyable and safe journey.

Speed Limits

When you travel around the city of Romania the speed limit is usually 31 mph and rural areas can increase up to 50 km/h. The highways and other special roads the limit will go up to 130 km/h. It is always best to stick to the signs displayed on the relevant road signs.

Advice on Car Rental in Romania

Advice on Car Rental in Romania

Child Safety

When you travel with your children they must always sit in the back of the car with seatbelts worn at all times. Failing to comply with the laws could mean you can receive a ticket or a fine, ensure that the officer that issues your fine can show you valid identification and the ticket should be official. The payment of your ticket can be made at the closest police station.

Drive your Car on the Right-hand Side of the Road

When you make use of car hire in Romania you will be advised to drive the car on the right hand side of the road. Give way to other cars that enter a roundabout before you do. When you overtake another car you will have to do so on the left hand side of the road. Take care of other forms of transport used on the roads such as cart and horse.

Drinking and Driving

It is prohibited to drink before you drive a car in Romania, zero tolerance is shown on this strict policy. Even if you only consume one drink it is prohibited to drive. Romanian roads are generally safe to drive around on but care should be taken when driving in any strange country to keep your wits about you. Take caution for horse carts that do not display lights at night time.

By following a few simple rules and regulations when using car rental in Romania your vacation in Romania should be a pleasurable one for you and your family. Inquire about any laws and requirements when you plan on using a rental car service for your next holiday. Promotor Rent a Car is here, ready to offer you brand new cars ar small prices! Check our cars & rates and book now!

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