Before renting a car,call your bank and get information

Contact your bank

Contact your bank

In the following we want to address customers in another country than Romania! Before renting a car call your bank and get information

Usually most of our customers reserve a car in time to avoid a situation not find a car on their taste and a very good price. For all those who intend to use cash, a credit card or debit, we have the following advice: Contact your bank card for which you announces that leave the country and intend to go to Romania. Many banks outside Romania, blocks the use of the card on the Romanian territory. It is good to announce this fact before arriving in Romania and to see that you can not use credit cards or debit. It happens very often customers who rent a car from us. The verification procedure and unlock very long and expensive at the same time, taking into account the fact that a phone Romania – any country in Europe or the USA, rather than cost.

It is good to ask your bank if it should be announced departure or what should be done to avoid blocking the card.

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