Car Hire – A Guide To Driving In Romania

rentacarinromaniaCar Hire – A Guide To Driving In Romania. For many years the communist rule of Nicolae Ceausescu left Romania in a state of extreme repression and poverty, which thankfully led to a revolt where his powers where removed and he was subsequently executed in December 1989.

Since then Romania has been gradually improving, both politically and in terms of the overall standard of living. Tourism is a growing area which has greatly helped the country’s economy.

The country is probably best known for Transylvania, which lures tourists in with images of haunted forests, medieval towns, castles and of course the legends of Dracula.

Romania however, has a lot more to offer visitors than medieval castles and ghostly legends- it is both rich in culture and boasts some beautiful natural diversity.

One of the main problems is that a great deal of Romania’s charm lies outside of It’s major towns and cities, this coupled with the fact that it is the largest of the Balkan states, means taking in all there is to see can be difficult.

For this reason, if you are able to, then opting to drive during your time in Romania is an excellent option – this way you can stray from the beaten track where you may find yourself passing through one of the many rustic medieval villages while exploring the mountainous regions or maybe just relax on the sandy beaches of the Black Sea’s Coast.

Unlike some other European countries, to drive in Romania you must possess an International Drivers Licence, and to rent a car you must be at least 21 years of age.

One of the main problems those unfamiliar with driving in Romania have is the presence of horse-drawn carts and free livestock that are in abundance throughout the country. Therefore caution should be exercised at all times, especially during night.

Thankfully, in most cases all UK insurance policies automatically cover the minimum of what is required when driving in Romania, this being third party, fire and theft.

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