Car Rental Bucharest Upgrades Can Help You Save Money

Car Rental Bucharest Upgrade

Car Rental Bucharest – Promotor Rent a Car

Regardless if you’re going a personal vacation or business trip, a car rental in Bucharest may be one of your options, unless you’ll be bringing your own car otherwise. When it comes to renting a vehicle in Romania, many people would prefer going for the most ‘basic’ option that there is – but did you know that some of these upgrades can help you save money?

Car Rental Upgrade

If you’re traveling alone, choose the smallest car possible. Most of the time, these vehicles are taken especially during the peak season. The car hire service will offer you a free upgrade especially if the model that you’re trying to take is no longer available. This means that you’re getting a bigger car at no cost at all!

Car Loyalty Rewards Program

Have you ever used one of those loyalty rewards cards on supermarkets, and even those that came with your credit cards? Car rental services offer the same thing as well. If you’re consistently renting vehicles, you may want to avail one of these cards and participate in the program.

Here’s how it usually works: when you rent a car in Bucharest, the total amount that you need to pay has a counterpart number of points. As you continue participating in the program, meaning consistently leasing a car, your points go up. You may accumulate all these points and use them for free car upgrades or even free rentals in some cases!

Ask the car rental company if they’re offering a loyalty program like this. The chances are; they have one of these, and you would want to participate! Those who have loyalty cards are often prioritized. Most often, you can avoid waiting, and you’ll be the first one to be attended to. Don’t forget to ask your car hire company what the other perks are if you decide to get one of their loyalty cards / programs. Also, ask for a list of redeemable items that you can get from your accumulated points.

Get a Car rental Insurance Policy

I would understand when people would say no when they are offered an insurance policy that comes along with the car rental plan they have chosen. However, things may unexpectedly happen, and you wouldn’t know when someone would try to hit your rented vehicle. Although we don’t want these things to happen as much as possible, it’s best that we avoid spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Having said that, upgrading to an insurance policy helps you save money in case accidents happen. Instead of having to pay for hundreds of dollars, it would only cost you a few more bucks to have your car rental secured and covered.

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