Car renting companies renounced at the offers rich in luxurious types

Rent a car

Rent a car

The foreigners who are renting cars in the holiday are increasing the profile business. With 30 euro per day, they can drive an economic automobile.
The offers of the firms which are dealing the rental of cars are holding types from Logan and Opel Astra to Skoda Octavia  or Toyota Avensis, to luxury cars like Audi  or Bmw . Some of the luxurious automobiles are rented only with a driver.

The foreigners are preffering Logan, Skoda or Opel.

The majority of the car renting companies renounced at the offers rich in luxurious types and filled the garages with cheap cars, with a low consume, like Dacia Logan or Opel Astra. The representatives of the profile companies say that the business improved in the last two years and they believe that in another three years, the market will hold two times the number of companies of rental cars than there are now. In the summer time, the affairs are going better than in the rest of the year.

„In the summer more tourists are coming and we are renting up to 100 cars per day”, said the representative of a „rent a car” firm with working points in the entire country. The companies are sustaining that the foreigners are preferring a Logan and they choose to pay less on a rental car. „The most wanted cars are Logan, Opel and Skoda. Usually, they are rented for a period of 7-30 days, but we have cars rented for a year and a half”, said a representative of a car rental company.

Luxury cars are rented just for short periods, and the clients for these types are, mostly, Romanians. For an Audi A4 or for a Bmw 520 a customer is paying over 100 euro per day, while for a Logan, the price rarely surpasses 30 euro. For the cars superior in class to the Logan the demand is also small. In the offer of the companies are present cars like Ford Focus or Peugeot 307, but the rental tariff is 10 euro larger than for a Matiz or a Logan.

Nothing without warranty

Some companies, have different tariffs for the end of the week, even for normal cars. The rental of a Skoda Octavia costs 52 euro during the week, but in the weekend, 150 euro. Different conditions are when it comes to the guarantees the client has to offer. The majority of the firms are choosing the classic type: a guarantee of over 200 euro which is returned to the customer once the rented car is returned, in the case the automobile has not been damaged.

Some companies found out their methods of making some extra money from the customers. They  doesn’t perceives such a warranty, but cashes a 20 euro tax from every customer. The smaller tax brings customers which don’t have the classic guarantee of 200 euro. Disadvantages can appear in this case also. The 20 euro are not returnable. „Is like a guarantee we are perceiving to cover certain risks, and the money are not going back to the customer”, said the representatives of the firm. For the luxury cars the guarantees and insurances can reach 300euro

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