Do You Need A GPS

Do You Need A GPS These days Satellite navigation systems are the norm. Used correctly these units can direct you to where you want to go without getting lost, avoiding traffic hold ups and all with a minimum of fuss.

Sometimes we can be weary of new gadgets but every now and then one comes out that cannot be pushed aside. The Satellite Navigation Systems falls into that category and the youth of today has embraced this technology whole heartedly, while the rest of us are taking things a little slower but now just about all of us know about satellite navigation and a large percentage of us are using this technology. For those who are still in no man’s land on these systems, here is a little information.

Satellite Navigation Systems come in varying sizes. Also known as GPS (Global Positioning Systems) they can be either mobile or built into cars, boats, aeroplanes or any vehicle that travels. The system works using satellite reference and a database of maps to calculate the route to your desired destination.

Satellite Navigation technology is advancing very quickly and can organise a route for your trip and tell you approximately the time of arrival. Most models will show traffic lights and fixed speed cameras, while others give live updates for traffic conditions. You can program them for audio mode, which will have a voice of your choice giving you directions, i.e. turn left 200mts or take the 3rd exit from the roundabout. This is one time you should do as you are told.

Today it seems that as soon as we purchase something, the next model comes out bigger and better. Satellite Navigation System technology is growing very rapidly as is the popularity of these units and for a very good reason, GPS is useful. Driving on the roads today can be a stressful thing and if we can have something that will take some of the stress away, plus make the trip shorter and safer, that has to be a good thing.

No more reading the map or street directory. You can now plan and plot your trip before leaving. Whether you are travelling to the next suburb or interstate the Satellite Navigation System will offer the best way to get there.

Using online resources such as Google allows you to research Satellite Navigation before you buy. Check out the forums on each brand and model to see what the public have to say. Word of mouth is still the best advertising. There are three leading brands, Tom Tom, Garmin and Magellan, all having many models to choose from, i.e. the budget model to the fancy ones that will do everything but make you a cup of coffee.

However it will tell you where to find a shop to make you one. Before purchasing a GPS decide what you want it to do, for you may not need the most sophisticated model (someone once said to me, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID-The KISS Principle). Make sure that the model you purchase can be loaded with more up to date reference maps.

A mobile GPS unit is a great tool. You can take it with you where ever you go from one vehicle to the next. If you don’t have one you can always hire them and if you are having a holiday or business trip and renting a car in the near future, be sure to add this to your hire. They don’t cost much and your travel experience will be so much better.

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