Don’t Lose Money With Car Hire Romania Companies

don't lose money when rent a car

don’t lose money when rent a car

Don’t lose money!

Car hire Romania is a lot like renting a vehicle anywhere else in the world. It’s well-known that some car dealerships are hungry for as much money as they can take from their customers. Learning to avoid these shady dealerships and find a car hire Romania service that is interested in getting you in the best vehicle possible for the best price takes a little bit of effort. These same rules apply to renting a car in America, Singapore, or Bucharest. It’s all about being a smart shopper and a smart business man. Learn to avoid hidden charges and find the car you have been hoping for.

A couple of tips have been gathered below to improve your car hire Romania experience.

These tips will help you avoid losing money and avoid being taken advantage of by shady dealerships. All of these tips come from real life experiences and are guaranteed to make the entire experience much smoother and more enjoyable. You can return to enjoying your vacation without losing money the entire time.

When you do rent a vehicle in Romania, take a few pictures of the interior and exterior. Luckily, all of today’s phones tend to have a decent camera attached, even if they aren’t “smart phones”. If you notice any scratches, dents, or damage to the interior, bring it to the attention of the car rental service.

Chose CDW Insurance

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t rent the vehicle, but make sure that they are fully aware of the existing damage. If you did not inform the rental company, then they may try to charge you for the damage when you weren’t the one who caused. Photographs of the vehicle before and after the rental period will help remove any confusion and protect you from additional, unwanted charges.

This might sound obvious, but don’t forget to claim your deposit after you have returned the vehicle. As long as you haven’t extended your rental period or caused any damage to the vehicle, you should be able to reclaim your initial deposit in full. Some car hire Romania companies might charge as much as $200 for the deposit, but this is money that you will have back in your pocket when the trip is finished.

Prepare ahead of time. This includes booking the rental vehicle weeks before you leave for vacation. Also, read through the website and make sure that you have prepared all of the documents necessary to legally rent a vehicle and drive the streets in Romania. Nothing is worse than getting to the rental company only to learn that you have forgotten your driver’s license!