Fast Facts on Romania

Before you embark on a tour, collecting some quick facts about the destination helps you a lot. Every destination in the world requires you to have basic information that is helpful in making your journey successful. Though a superficial knowledge on the important aspects of a place is of vague nature, it does contribute handsomely in your decision making while being on the tour of that place. And it is even more helpful to a novice excursionist. Visiting Romania also requires a good grasping of some indispensable fats. Here are some of the fast facts on Romania city which might prove to be helpful for you in case you make a plan to go on a trip:

Official Name:

* The official name of Romania is Romania.


* It is located in Southeastern central Europe.


* The country goes seven hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time(GMT +2)


* Romania expands in an area of 91,725 sq. miles (237,502 sq. km)


* You will find three vertical stripes of red followed by yellow and blue.


* According to 2004 cession, the Romanian population was 21.60 million.


* Romanian 89%
* Hungarian 7.5%
* Gipsy 1.9%
* German, Other 1.6%


* Christian Orthodox 87%
* Roman Catholic 5%
* Protestant 5%, Jewish

Official Language:

* Romanian


* Climate is temperate and the country undergoes four distinct seasons: Spring, fall, summer and winter. Temperature is pleasant during spring and fall while summer is hot and winter is cold.

Capital City:

* Bucharest (Bucharest)


* Parliamentary Republic with two legislative bodies: Senate and Chamber of Representatives

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