Great Tips for Renting a Car in Bucharest

Great Tips for Renting a Car in Bucharest

Great Tips for Renting a Car in Bucharest

Renting a car in Bucharest can be a bit of tricky business. If you don’t have any previous experience renting cars in Romania, then let the following tips help guide you along the way. These tips are for the people interested in finding the best car rental sites and saving as much money as possible.

1. Forget about name brands.

Do you want to save on money? Then forget about renting from the big, name brand rental companies. You can actually find the same vehicles listed on the rental giants through smaller rental companies for nearly 30% less some of the time. This is mainly because of much lower operating costs on the company’s behalf, but it all means that you can save a lot of money and get the same vehicle.

2. Use the internet to your advantage.

Most dealerships that have a website have some kind of digital discount in existence. They may have created some online coupons for an email marketing campaign. They may just include additional savings for people who register using the internet. The point is: dig through the internet for the savings before you sign any contract. There’s almost always a few dollars to be saved and maybe even more. If you aren’t having any luck, then turn to the major online coupon code websites. These sites list promo vouchers for hundreds of websites, including car rental services. It’s also a good idea to remember the next time you are ordering pizza online!

3. Check rates daily.

Keep up-to-date with available rates until the point you finally rent the vehicle in Bucharest. There are a few online websites that track the rates of multiple car rental dealerships and list their information on their web page. Some of these websites require the rental company to register and submit their info while other websites simply gather the information on their own. Using these tools, you can check rates and make sure you are getting the best deal possible before signing any contract.

4. Don’t rent from the Bucharest Airport

Bucharest Airport car rental companies will almost always charge more, sometimes up to 15% more, than sites away from the airport. This is obviously because of the influx of consumers leaving the plane needing a rental car. This means they can drive prices up and people are still going to rent from them. Don’t support this idea and instead choose to rent for cheaper away from the airport.

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