Holidays Of Romania

rentacarinromania1Holidays are something everybody looks forward to. They are the time when you unwind and rejuvenate yourself after long and hectic work schedules. You can also do things like indulging in a hobby or finish that important chore, which has remained half done for a long time. Here is a list of the days, declared holidays in Romania.

The days declared official holidays are different from weekend holidays, because they can be on any day of the week. However, like weekends, they are not free days for everyone. Public utilities, like municipal entities, public transport, police stations, etc. as well as eateries and factories with a non-stop production process remain open even on such days.

People employed with these institutions are compensated with a day off within the next 30 days. These days the Work Code in Romania lays down the following holidays. 1st and 2nd January are declared holidays for the New Year. For the Easter holidays, you have a choice of availing them in either April or in May, according to the branch of Christianity that you follow.

Then the 1st of May is a holiday marking the International Workers’ Day. The 1st of December is celebrated as the National Day of Romania. On that date in the year 1918 Transylvania was united with the Romanian Kingdom, leading to the formation of modern Romania. Again, Christmas Holidays fall on the 25th and the 26th of December. During Christmas people get together in family reunions and celebrate the Christmas spirit with their family members.

There are many other holidays, which are no less important in the Romanian calendar. 24th January marks the day of unification of Moldavia and Walachia. On that day in the year 1859, Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected as the ruler of both the counties. It is a very important day in the history of evolution of the nation state of Romania.

Another special day in the Romanian calendar is the Women’s Day, which is on March 8th. On that day children convey their love for their mothers; students for their female teachers. Husbands make it a point to bring flowers and shower gifts on their wives. It is also a day, when women celebrate by throwing an all girls’ party among themselves.

Romanian heroes, who fought in battles down the ages, are remembered by their grateful countrymen on Ascension Day. Children’s Day on 1st June is marked by widespread festivities. Children all over Romania take part in competitions like arts or sports contests according to their age groups. The National Flag Day is observed on the 26th of June. Incidentally, the Romanian flag has three colors – red, yellow, and blue. The color red stands for sacrifice, symbolizing the blood spilled by the heroic martyrs. The color yellow stands for prosperity, reflecting the color of a golden summer harvest. Finally, blue stands for hope for a great future.

The 29th of June is observed as the National Anthem Day. The national anthem of Romania is a somber song written by a Romanian poet. Its title, „De steapta-te, romane!” means „Romanians, stand up for your Rights!”. December 8th marks the Constitution Day, as the present constitution of Romania came into effect on that day in the year 1991.

Lastly, there are two special holidays which mean a lot to the young people of Romania. The first is called Dragobetele and is celebrated with gusto on 24th February. That is not surprising, since it is something like Valentine’s Day. The second one is a special day observed on 1st March. On this day Romanian males, including children, offer small talismans called „martisoare” to the people they love. But it is actually meant for the Romanian girls and womenfolk.

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