How To Avoid An Accident In Your Rental Car

How To Avoid An Accident In Your Rental Car

How To Avoid An Accident In Your Rental Car. The best form of transportation, to see the Romania sights, is by car. If you do not enjoy taking tours, traveling by car is the only way to see the out of the way places. Super, diesel and unleaded fuel is available at all petrol stations and LPG (gas) is available in populated areas but not always in the remote service stations. Depending on place and time the price of gas varies, however it always goes up on weekends and bank holidays.

There are many rental companies available and the best thing to remember is that if you want to travel a long distance then you will need a policy with unlimited kilometers. Big firms sometimes offer one-way rentals so that you can pick it up in one town and drop it off when you reach your destination but there are a variety of restrictions on these deals and sometimes there can be a huge drop-off fee so read the small print.

4WD and camper vans are a booming market. Having a 4WD enables you to get right off the beaten track and out to some of the natural wonders that most travelers miss but insurance on these can be high and some insurance on 4wd does not cover damage done when off road (anything not bitumen or dirt road).

Queensland has a few multi lane highways but most major roads are sealed with two lanes. You don’t have to go too far off the beaten track to get onto dirt roads, its quite common if you want to see the countryside. Kangaroos are a common hazard on Australian roads and if you are traveling at any sort of speed, hitting one can make quite a mess of your car, not to mention the kangaroo so be alert when they are most active – dawn and dusk.

When traveling at night you can be faced with many animal hazards. If a large animal appears in front of your car you should hit the brakes, dim your lights and only swerve if its safe to do so. Many travelers have been killed in accidents caused by swerving to miss animals, it is sometimes its safer for you to hit the animal, even though it can be traumatic.

Drunk driving is a serious problem problem along the east coast and in country areas. In attempts to address this issue, there are random breath testing station or booze buses that test for drugs and substance abuse, along the roadsides. If your blood-alcohol level is greater than 0.00% you will have your license taken away and be faced with a large fine. Parking fines are also a danger in major cities and tourist towns, although parking in the right places may cost, it is cheaper then receiving a parking ticket.

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