Is it required to have Credit Card to Rent a Car in Romania?

creditcardsrental It is not a must to have a credit card in order to rent a car in a car rental agency. Nevertheless, car rental agencies prefer using credit cards so as get their companies protected in case the renter is involved any activities that might sabotage their car. Most customers prefer using cash to rent the cars rather than credit cards in order to reserve them for domestic use.

Those clients opting to use cash are therefore not left out. Car renters offers possibilities for cash only clients. Therefore, cash only clients must do some online research on these agencies accepting liquid payments. Rental companies have some terms and conditions that the cash paying clients must adhere to. Therefore, customers are required to do some enquiry on the conditions to be met before deciding to get the rental car from any company. This early preparation help then save some time as they will be aware of the requirements in advance.

Car Rental with Cash

For car’s security, certain car rental agencies would require the cash paying clients to pay some deposit. However, the deposit takes different prices ranging from $200 to $500 and even more depending on the agency. However, other rental agencies will check on client’s credit at the instance of actual renting. The information extracted from credit check will be used come up with the amount of deposit of deposit to be paid and customer’s worthiness for car rental. If the customer returns the car back to the agency in good condition, the deposit will be given back to them.

However, other agencies may need the cash paying clients to get car rental insurance at the instance of car rental. This insurances are imposed so as to ensure that their property is protected from any potential risk. Other than deposit requirement, other car rental agencies may require their clients to give proper identification documents so as to get full verification of their clients. These protective actions are adhered to so as to get the company covered in case of any accident.

Things to consider when one gets e ranted car without credit card

Clients wishing to rent the cars without credit cards should make sure that they have sufficient funds to pay the deposit, if it will be a mandatory. Additionally, for client’s safety, the rented car must be insured. This will ensure that the client’s liquid cash is always safe even if they are involved in an accident.

Clients can get the insurance cover at any instance of rental together with the rental registration. The rental insurance cover will then cover all the damages in case of any accident. The customer’s deposit will not be used instead. Normally, customers having credit cards have sufficient funds/credit to deal with incidentals and all the risks that may occur to the rented car. However, those customers renting with cash don’t have the privileges enjoyed by credit card holders. They should therefore get insurance covers.

Finding a cash accepting car Rental Company

One can find cash car rental agencies online. They only need to search it in the internet and they will get many agencies there. Different companies have varied terms and conditions which may be listed on the web

Discounts offered on cash car rentals

Most of the discounts listed on the web can be enjoyed by both credit and cash car rentals. It therefore means that all the customers get the privilege irrespective of payment they use.
Customers can get coupons on the car rental agencies’ website. This is where they will get the discount. They will only need to choose the coupon that best suit their wants.

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