Is Size Important?

The age old question, ‘Does size matter?’ If you are to ask any women who is traveling to another part of the world I am sure she will say that size does matter. When it comes to renting a car and you are on the holiday of your dreams, you would want to make sure it will comfortably fit, not only the passengers but also the amount of luggage that may be accumulated when traveling. It’s also important to consider the extra room that baby seats may take up as well as leg room.

When it comes to calculating how much space is needed, make sure you know exactly how far you have to travel between the airport and your accommodation with all of the passengers and luggage. This may not be that far and you may book a larger rental car, anticipating that you will need all of that room, all of the time. This is generally not the case. Yes, you may have to travel a distance with everything and everyone in the vehicle, but generally you do not travel everywhere on holiday with the entirety of your luggage. If you are realistic with your needs then you may find that you can save some money to spend on your holiday.

Now if you plan to take a driving holiday, you will need to ensure there is enough room for the luggage. You can always try rolling all of your clothes so you can fit more in the suitcase. Using soft cases instead of hard suit cases will also help you negotiate the luggage into the boot.

Once you have planned what luggage will be needed you can then determine what size hire car you will require. In some instances you may find that you can rent a luggage trailer to assist you. The trailers require you to generally hire a people mover or 4WD. Make sure this is organised when you book your car rental as some agents may not offer trailers with their hire cars.

Whatever car you require, make sure you have considered the above information. Small cars are fantastic and generally cheaper, but if you are not going to be comfortable in a small car then pay the extra money to ensure you have a better holiday. If you are traveling with children, please ensure you are fully aware of the car rental that you will receive. Remember that most small cars may only be 3 door hatches and the kids would then have to climb through to the back.

If you remember these tips you will be able to find a suitable rental car in no time, and remember that size does matter!

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