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Car rental can be a somewhat difficult and expensive process if you don’t know what you are looking for before you begin shopping. Renting a car anywhere over seas requires an attention to detail and an ability to shop for bargains efficiently.

A lot of rental services are eager to take advantage of paying customers, especially foreign customers who aren’t aware of local prices, laws, and regulations. The following tips have been gathered to help minimize the amount you pay when you find a Bucharest car rental. If you read these tips before shopping and remember their instructions throughout the entire process, you will avoid a lot of the common pitfalls that cost today’s shoppers a lot of money in some cases.

Car Rental Documents

You will need a valid driving license before you can utilize a Bucharest car rental. All of the local rental services will verify the legitimacy of your license before they actually consider renting a vehicle. If you are traveling from America and have an international driver license, then you won’t need to convert your license. In any case, bring your license and be prepared to jump through a few hoops before you are legally allowed to drive in Bucharest.

As with shopping for anything, don’t forget to shop around. One dealership may have prices very different from another dealership directly across the street. Also take the time to view the vehicles that they offer. Different Bucharest rental companies may offer a different variety of vehicles that you prefer more. Even if you find a great deal that seems to good to be true, review other local options first and compare the prices as well as vehicles. You might be surprised to learn that there was a much better deal waiting for you just around the corner.

Don’t forget to book as early as possible.

You will always receive the best deals and best vehicles if you book before you actually arrive. If you show up on the spot, you may still be able to rent a vehicle, but there is no guarantee that you will get the car you are wanting. Booking early allows you to reserve a specific vehicle and remain confident that it will be there waiting on your arrival.

Don’t use more gas than you need to. Gas adds up over time, especially in Bucharest. If you don’t need to drive an SUV or MPV, then don’t. A gas-friendly sudan is perfect for those who want to save the most money possible. You can expect to pay 4 , 5 times more money on gas when driving an SUV.

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