Promotor Rent a Car Romania: Quality and Service

Promotor Rent a Car Romania

Promotor Rent a Car Romania

Are you planning a vacation in Bucharest? Or another part of one Eastern Europe’s most cherished destinations? Promotor Rent a Car Romania is just one of the locally registered companies in the area that give you access to quality cars.

The first thing that most people want to know about is the type of cars that we offer. After all, the Eastern Bloc isn’t known for having the most quality in terms of cars. If you are visiting us from the West, you might think that all we offer are old Yugos and Trabants, throwbacks to the old days of the Soviet Union.

Old times

Well, those days are past. We offer the same leading brands of cars from our rental kiosks as other companies throughout Europe. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to claim that we offer top-notch quality and service.

The cars that we rent would just not be reliable enough. If you don’t have a reliable car, then you don’t have peace of mind on your vacation, and we want our clients to relax while they are traveling. Would you want a car that was mechanically awful the whole time you were on your trip? We think not.

It’s not just about the quality of the car, of course. People also want to know about value, and Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest is second to none when it comes to offering the best to our clients at a reasonable rate. We are not the cheapest rental car company in Romania, but our rates are highly competitive.

We also have more outlets throughout the major cities in Romania, meaning that you have more cars to choose from. If you have come all the way to Bucharest from the United States, then you certainly want to have the car available that you asked for. The variety that we offer gives you the security of finding your vehicle waiting for you.

Promotor Rent a Car Romania

Has established a legacy of superior customer service and satisfaction. If you rent a car from us, you are likely to come back to us again and again. Because not only do we offer quality cars at a reasonable rate, but we have customer service that makes you feel like you are walking on a red carpet as soon as you walk into our rental office. Check us out online!

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