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Ski in Romania

Ski in Romania

Traditions and the law allowing anyone access to the Romanian mountains.
Possibilities for profitable practice of skiing. In winter, the attraction is a major ski. Poiana Brasov is the most famous resort (there is a group of stations) and is located 13 kilometers (8 miles) from Brasov.
In Poiana Brasov there gender chalet hotel and villas equipped with kitchens that you can use. There are parts ski well cared having lengths up to 4500 meters.
Their difficulties range from easy to difficult. Most monitors Ski speak English, German or French. Night life is intense, there is many bars, discos, folklore shows and Cabaret.
In the same area south of the Carpathians are Sinaia, a mountain resort dating from 1870 and having the party and a ski slope of grain, Predeal, which has 15 parts and Busteni where during the summer mountaineering practice.
There are many smaller resorts:  Paltinis near Sibiu,  Secu, Valiug, Water and Three Crivaia in Banat area Semenic Mountains, Durau near legendary massive Ceahlau in Eastern Carpathians and Borsa in Maramures.

Duration normal ski season is from December till March.

One of the most modern ski party in Romania, in Transylvania first plant equipped with artificial snow product and advanced lighting system for use in part on at night, was opened on Feleac, Cluj county.  The ski slope is open every day up at 22.00. Every day, the first half hour, telescki is free.
The sko slope is situated at 12 kilometers from Cluj, Feleacului hill near television tower. Access to be part of the national road DN9 Cluj Turda, asphalt roads to be part. The slope has a route length of 765 meters, the difference between stations as the final 98 meters.
A good ski sloap is Sorica of Azuga. Has a length of 3200 meters, which is good. There is no very crowded and is suitable both for those who want to learn, and to „professionals”.


Ski slopes in Romania

Eastern Carpathians
Balvanyos (Covasna County) – Bodoc mountains, altitude 775 m, 80 km from Brasov on DN 11 and 12
Ski 300 meters for beginners season 130 days a year. There are centers for rent sports equipment. Courses are arranged. Nocturna. Details

Harghita Bai

Partia Kosut – 630m long, includes 3 parts: a) the high degree of difficulty, L = 630m. level difference 102m, b) the average degree of difficulty, L = 800m and c) easy part, L = 1000m. They are equipped with ski lift performance in the transport capacity of 340 persons per hour. It is part of a snowboard 5 stepping-stone.

Partia Miklos – 200m long, difficult. There are 2 babyschi. Nocturna.
Partia Csipike – L = 400m, the difference average babyschi chair with mobile night.

Borsec (Harghita) – Giurgeu mountains, at 127 km from Tg. Mures DN 15, Toplita, 70 km Stone Neams DN 15, altitude 900 m, and the party open sleigh.

Borsa (Maramures County) – Rodnei mountains, Viseului Valley, about 100 km from Bistrita and 130 of Baia Mare, 850 m altitude, Ski slopes and luge, trambulina natural lift, lift

Bucin (Harghita) – Gurghiului mountains, about 30 km and 20 km Sovata of Gheorgheni DN 13B, altitude 1100 m, natural part of skiing

Durau (Neamt County) – Ceahlau mountains, 60 km west of Piatra Neamt DN 15, altitude 800 m, Ski slopes and luge.

Sources (Maramures County) – Muntii Gutai-Enos at 32 km from Baia Mare, DN 18-to Sighetu Marmatiei, elevation 916 meters, part of the sled and ski, snow 130 days / year.

Stone-Fantanele Tihuta (Bistrita-Nasaud) – Bargaului mountains, DN 17 to about 35 km from Bistrita and 30 km from Vatra Dornei – 1200 m altitude, slope skiing: 860 m in length, degree of difficulty medium lift

Sovata (Mures County) – Gurghiului mountains, 60 km from Tg. Mures DN 13 and DN 13, 500 m altitude, slope skiing with babyski

Tusnad Bai (Harghita) – between the mountains and Bodoc Hargita, 60 km from Brasov, 25 km from Mirecurea Ciuc 650 m altitude, Ski slopes and natural luge

Vatra Dornei (Suceava) – Depression in Dornelor between mountains Suhard, Caliman and Bistrita, 110 km from Suceava and 80 km from Bistrita, DN 17, altitude of 808 m.
– Part Dealu Black: Length 3000 meters, the difference of 400 m level, degree of difficulty medium lift
– Ski fund located in Round Hill, asphalt, in the form of 8, are summer training role with snow skiing over 120 days per year, skating rink

Meridional Carpathians

Azuga (Prahova) – Prahova Valley, between the mountains and Baiului Bucegi, 4 km upstream of Busteni, 950 m altitude, parts including a ski slope and Olympic lift, lift, babyski. Ski slopes in fund length of 15 km
Alpine Ski slopes: the longest part of Romania: 10 km of tracks with lift (2000 m), ski lift (700 m), schilifturi (200 m)

Balea Cascada – 1234 m, 0269-524255, and Balea Lac – 2034 m (Sibiu) – Fagaras mountains DN 7C Transfagarasan „, about 65 km from Sibiu, natural part of skiing: skiing and ski leisure highly. Ski entertainment on the curve to pillar 2 pani where continue descending on the access road to self Balea Cascada, length about 14 km. Or, the pillar 2 can proceed with extreme skiing on the gutter until then to cascadei Balea Cascada.

Busteni (Prahova) – On the Prahova Valley, between the mountains and Baiului Bucegi, 36 km from Brasov, 76 km from Ploiesti and 130 km from Bucharest, 880 m altitude, Ski slopes for beginners and advanced, cable, ski lift , chairlift, babyski, equipment rentals

Keys Butii (Hunedoara county) – Retezat mountains Jiu Valley area, instead. Câmpu’s Neag, about 35 km from Petrosani DN 66a west altitude 1000 m, ski slope, length 400 m, snow up to 130 days per year, other sports: luge, snowbord center equipment rental accommodation: villas 1 , 2 and 3 carnations.

Paltinis (Sibiu) – Cindrel mountains, 34 km from Sibiu, altitude 1442 m, the highest in the country, chairlift, ski lift, babyski, 120 days per year with snow thickness average of 50 November cm.din in March.
Partia Oncesti I for beginners diff. Level 241m, 22% inclination, L = 1150m, teleski
Partia Oncesi II, L = 450m, diff. Level 138m, 38% inclination, ski lift

Cold Paraul (Brasov county) – in the mountains Bucegi-Postavaru between teaching and Rasnov, DN 73A, 10 km from Predeal, altitude 960 m, Ski slopes and luge. Snow: 120 days / year

Sinaia (jud, Prahova) – Prahova Valley, between Baiului and Bucegi mountains, 44 km from Brasov and Ploiesti 68 km and 120 km from Bucharest on DN1, altitude 850 m, conditions and special facilities for winter sports: parts skiing for beginners and advanced ski school, the bobsled track, cable, lift, lift, babyski, rent equipment for winter sports
Trails and Ski slopes: 24 total length, 6 km
– 3 challenging tracks – total of 3, 4 km
– Average 6 tracks – 14 total, 8 km
– 3 tracks light – total of 6, 4 km
– 2 cable: Sinaia – Cota 1400 (L: 2300 m)
Share 1400 – Share 2000 (L: 2000 m)
– 1 lift share in 2000
– 3 lifts share in 1800-2000
Ski slopes fund: total length of 13 km
Ski school: alpine skiing, skiing adults, children ski, randonee ski, snowboard

Three Waters (Caras-Severin) – Semenic mountains at 37 km from Resita, 850 m altitude, partii ski Three Lake Water

Voineasa (Valcea County) – Lotrului between mountains and Capatanii, 65 km from Ramnicu Valcea and 90 km from Sibiu, elevation 600 meters, natural part of skiing, snow over 120 days / year.

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