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Rent a car

Rent a car

Renting a car wisely takes more than handing over a credit card and signing a form.

To get the most from your rental car, you should think about your travel needs. How long do you need to keep a car? Consider the number of people, amount of luggage, sporting equipment, and other gear you need to carry in the car.

While you may be able to fit five people in a compact, will it be worth the inevitable groans and moans when no one has enough room? Plus, if you arrive and the car is not large enough, it may be more costly to upgrade there or a larger car may not be available.

Be smart about your car rental, and keep these tips in mind:

• Always make a reservation, and make it as far in advance as possible. Because as availability decreases, rates rise and prices can change from minute to minute. Also, car rental companies usually offer special rates for weekly and weekend rentals, which require reservations. Be sure to write down your confirmation number.
• Ask about cancellation rules. Some companies charge a cancellation fee if you have used a credit card to guarantee the reservation, especially for special vehicles such as minivans or convertibles.
• Be sure you follow the guidelines under which your reservation was placed: number of rental days, drop off location, time of return. These factors will determine the rate, and if changes occur, the rate can increase. If your plans do change, contact the car rental company as soon as possible; sometimes you can avoid additional charges. Also, determine whether you will be charged for a partial or full day if you return the car late or if you will be charged the full rental time if you return the car early.
• Check with your personal auto insurance to make sure you are covered when renting a car or check for coverage provided with your credit card. These coverages can make accepting the loss damage waiver unnecessary.
• Chose the right fuel option for your trip. For a short trip and to eliminate the hassle, you may want to let Promotor Services fill up the tank at local prices . For a longer trip, it may be best to buy the first tank from Promotor Services at local gas prices less 15 cents per gallon. A refund is not given on gasoline not used so return the vehicle with as little fuel as possible. The third option is to return the tank at the same level it was received at time of rental. (Most rental car companies do not have all these options.) Also, check the gas gauge before leaving the rental lot to ensure the tank is full.
• Check the car carefully for body damage, scratches, and other cosmetic defects. Ask the attendant to make note of any damage on the rental agreement before you leave the lot.
• Take the time to read the items you are asked to initial on the rental agreement to ensure they are accurate.

Of course, don’t forget to ask for your exclusive Promotor Rent a Car membership discount and benefits.   At Promotor Services , members receive up to a 10 percent discount on car rental, plus, many exclusive benefits — no charge for additional driver if a member with credit card in own name, special upgrades, dollars-off coupons, and more. For reservations and information, contact Promotor Services office,visit or call our office Desk at +40 21 3305544 or mobile +40734 403 403

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