Rent a Car in Bucharest – Enjoy your Holidays

Rent a car

Rent a car

Vacations are times to let your hair down and have fun, leave all your daily worries behind to wait for your return. But while escaping from the daily grind should be your primary concern, you should not allow it to deprive you of your good common sense. Vacation safety is most important and it should be uppermost in your mind.

A car rental is a great fun to get around on holidays, but you should remember that driving in an unfamiliar location can be stressful and challenging.

You should always have insurance while renting a car, so that you have financial backup if an accident should occur. Talk with your insurance agent and make sure that you and other driver if any are insured.

Never leave without proper insurance in a rented car. Though car rental insurance is a complicated business but it would be most unwise to leave without insurance. Your cheaply rented car wont look so cheap if you decide to buy car rental agency’s insurance.

The best option to find answers to your questions about car rental insurance are your own insurance agent, your credit card company and lastly the car rental company itself. You can take their advice but don’t let yourself be pressed to buy car rental firm’s insurance. Why should you pay for something you might already have, take time check your existing policy. It may or may not cover cars rented by you.

It is a known but confirmed fact that rented cars are targets of theft. But rental companies have stopped putting their logo on their cars to avoid their easy detection as rental car. Given below are some safety tips for you:

a) Don’t pull over after dark in lonely and unfamiliar area.
b) Don’t get out of car until you are sure of being 100% safe.
c) Keep all luggages in trunk. Don’t draw attention to yourself.
d) Stay on main roads; don’t take side roads or short cuts, specially unknown diversions.

You will be shocked at the extent to which criminals go to try to mug you, or hijack your car. It is not uncomment try to trick you into pulling to the road side. Therefore, insurance is must for your safety and your loved ones.

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