Rent a car in Bucharest Romania at low prices  

Rent a car Romania

Rent a car Romania

We are glad you are on our site for car rentals.
Thank you have chosen us and together we will go through a pleasant and safe.  In Bucharest and the country to address customer, at Otopeni and Baneasa airport, Promotor Services rent a car offers car rentals with or without driver with all seriousness and good intentions of the company and our employees.
Through the services offered by car rentals Promotor Services rent a car we experience all our customers needs, providing comfort and safety required for business trips or your holidays. Promotor Services rent a car offers cars for rent for your internal transport. We intend to shortly become a reliable partner when you want to travel to Bucharest or in the country for business or tourism purposes.  Our goal was to start and will remain to provide quality services, dynamism, but to show the flexibility needed to meet the needs of each client and to distinguish us from other companies rent cars by the quality of service, professionalism and not Finally the best cost. We impose on the cars rented by the professionalism and quality services. Depends on our good reputation in the aspect of direct and proper functioning of the machines that we offer for rent.  Therefore, we give maximum attention to our car park maintenance.
Promotor Services company Rent a car is a market leader in car rentals segment, having an experience of over 10 years in this area, being one of the leading car rental company in Romania
Promotor Services -Rent a  Car – Our company provides services to rent cars with or without driver and transportation services to persons request, such as transfers to and from the airport, transfers in the country, transfers in Bucharest or any other type of transfer assigned to a business trip or pleasure.
Rent a car service is available on the entire Romanian territory, and we will deliver high car at your specified.  rent a car sibiu, timisoara rent cars, rent cars iasi, car rental pitesti, baneasa rent a car, rent a car bucharest, Car Rental Bucharest Romania, car rental sibiu, cluj car rental, rent cars in romania, rent a car constanta, car rental brasov , rent a car timisoara, arad car rental, car rental otopeni, Inchirieri masini Brasov.  Guarantee the quality of cars offered for rent, high standard because they have cars, which are equipped with the latest systems for safety and comfort provided by the manufacturer.  That’s why we give a maximum of important maintenance equipment for rent.
Another possibility is renting cars with driver, the car can be rented for a few hours in Bucharest,  for the whole day or for a transfer in the country. Our company offers car rental services, rent cars. Our rent cars are suitable for you or you want to rent a car in order for business or tourism. Our mission is to fully satisfy customers’ demands.
Rental car service offers car rentals in Bucharest and in major cities.  Rental cars, put a strong emphasis on customer comfort and safety. Quality-price ratio of services provided is the best in the market and our customers’ satisfaction is our priority objective.  Our company offers cars for rent for a very good quality at competitive prices.


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