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Want to get the most out of a visit to Romania? Do you want to have the freedom to travel where you want when you want? Then renting a car is a must on your trip. Hiring a car in Romania is a simple, safe and efficient process.

What to do with a Rented Car from Promotor Rent a Car

Romania is a beautiful country that attracts tourists from all around the world to visit. It is known for its breath taking scenery and unique architecture. There is a large variety of attractions you can visit with a rented car in Romania from Museums to beaches, national parks and even castles. With a car rental you can experience your trip to the maximum. No more worries about getting to the places you want to see and no more worries about not having the freedom to venture off the beaten track. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of exploring Romania provided by a reliable rental car from one of the best rental company in Romania, Promotor Rent a Car .
Romania has a 6000 year old wine culture with an interesting history. The country has some of the best wines in from their exemplary vineyards. The best regions to visit for these vineyards in Romania include Murfatlar, Cotnari, Dealu Mare and Tarnave. When visiting these regions many tourists opt to rent a car so they can conveniently and freely visit the top locations without hassle.

The Best Time to Visit Romania

Romania experiences all four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter and is equally beautiful in all seasons. When you choose to go should depend on how you want to experience your trip. In spring tourists visit to see the amazing natural environment bursting into life. Summer is great for enjoying the hot weather and it’s an ideal time for all kinds of activities across all terrain. Autumn is the time of year the scenery becomes magically colourful with trees losing their leaves. Winter is the best time to go if you want to have the awesome experience of enjoying the snow in Romania, despite the challenges that accompanies the cold weather and snow, car hire services like Promotor Rent a Car provide many tourists a year with reliable transport in Romania.

Romania has three zones all with different climatic conditions and soil. These are: the alpine, forest and steep zones. With a hired car in Romania it is possible to visit all three on one trip!

The Benefits of Promotor Rent a Car

Promotor Rent a Car in Romania makes transport easy and trips stress free. We are available for long term and short term car hire. If you are visiting Romania by plane we are also a great option to get you to and from the Otopeni Airport. Just choose a location and we can bring the vehicle to you. With availability 24/7 and great quality service, it makes us a great option. Especially when considering our competitive pricing and awesome customer support.

Rent a car in Romania anytime and anywhere with Promotor Rent a Car.

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