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rentingacarMany people think that renting a car is all about just making the necessary reservation, showing up at the car rental office and getting the keys.

But then, once you get there the many additional questions that crap up like „Are you aware of the extra fees and charges?” „Would you want extra insurance?” „Would there be another driver?” and many more others would have you thinking why you haven’t given any thought to those queries.

When you decide to rent a car for a vacation trip for instance, the first thing to do should be to shop around for rates. The internet would be one of the great places to check as you will typically find many great online deals that could save you some money.

Always ask about fees and taxes for these add-on charges could balloon up your rental costs. Bear in mind, that most of these fees cannot be avoided.

Check your insurance and don’t let clerks influence you into buying expensive coverage that you don’t actually need in the first place. Collision damage waivers (about $9-$25 per day) actually cover for any damage to the car caused by accidents. But find out if you are already covered by your personal car insurance or by your credit card. Partial damage waivers will cover the first $3,000 cost of damage and are generally less expensive. If your personal car insurance has a high deductible, consider this.
Supplemental liability insurance (around $10/day) covers other people or property damage you may have caused. This is usually included in your personal car insurance already.

Personal accident insurance covers death by accident or injury upon you and your passengers. Check it out first as you may be covered already by your homeowner’s policy or health insurance.

It is important to be aware of age limits when it comes to car rentals. Drivers who may be under 25 years old are often faced with surcharges while other car rental companies do not allow senior aged individuals over 65 to drive.

Don’t gamble for free upgrades thinking you might get one. There are very wise individuals who request for the smallest economy car available hoping that the company will then be overbooked for that size and they will receive a free upgrade then. But don’t think about your chances for that tiny car will be waiting for you. If you are after for a free upgrade, check out deals or frequent renter’s program.

As much as possible avoid cheating on paying for second driver charges. If the unauthorized driver happens to get into an accident, the insurance will automatically be void and you will then have to pay for all the damages and expenses. Quite often, legal action may often be faced by the unauthorized driver.

It can be complicated so it is best to plan ahead to save you money and avoid confusion when renting cars.


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