Romania -The Country You Will Visit Again

Nowadays most of the people all over the world either do not know even where Romania lies, or they have heard many terrible things about this country. For example, that Romanians sent to death their president Ceausescu, that their gypsies commit many crimes wherever they go or that Romania is so under developed that they seem to travel back to the past century…

Well, we cannot say that part of these is not true! However, here are some facts about Romania, which can change your opinion for good. First Romania is a country where diversity is equalled only by beauty. It is a harmonious country lying in the South -East of Europe, which fascinates the visitor by the variety of its terrain.
From the high peaks of the Carpathians until the Danube Delta, Romania displays its agreeable harmony. There are great plateaus in Transylvania; there are sunny hills that are suitable for the culture of vine in Moldavia, fertile plains watered by clear and quick rivers in Walachia. That is what gives the charm of this beautiful country.
To continue, the Black Sea invites the tourists by its series of modern resorts where the latest architecture highlights the landscape. In addition, this harmony between nature and architecture can be found in the big cities too. As far as the population is concerned Romania has about 22,303,522 inhabitants.
The capital, Bucharest has its attractions; Iasi is another special city in Romania, as well as Brasov or Sibiu, which is the current cultural European capital. What is very interesting in Romania is that each county has something specific.
For example, the south of the country, Oltenia, is famous for its embroideries and carpets, Maramures is famous for wooden sculptures, Bucovina is proud of its old traditions and Dobrogea can show you remnants of the past.
Another great region of Romania is Transylvania that most likely is famous for the legend of Dracula. This legend is related to the rule of Vald the Impaler, 1456 – 1462. He used to punish his people by impaling them, which is a terrible death. If a man dared not to serve him loyally, he used to end impaled by the merciless ruler.
As this punishment is extremely cruel, and bloody as well, people used to say that a human cannot do that and that is why they attributed this habit to a creature coming from hell. This idea, associated with the idea of blood led to the birth of …a vampire. If you visit Bran castle, in the county of Brasov, you will have many thrilling surprises…
On the other hand, taking into consideration that evil cannot exist without a bright side, Romania suggests you to visit its famous monasteries, especially in the North of Moldavia. If you want to find the peace of your soul, you can visit any monastery in Romania. You will find there above all silence, and once you entered its territory, you even feel you are a better person. You can go there and pray and have some holy water or just enjoy the unique landscape.

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