Romania – very low temperatures in winter

Very low temperatures

Very low temperatures

Romania – very low temperatures in winter

Due to very low temperatures for the last time, please advise and while all Promoter Services clients who have rented a car or intend to rent a car, have a greater care of rented cars.

All cars rented from our company are equipped for the winter, with both winter tires and liquid prabriz very low temperature (-20 C). Please do not use APA for washing windows because there is a risk of frost which will lead to blocking of washing windows + headlamps, and the combustion engine to the device. Announce that tototdata Promoter Services will not do anything, if you use water for windscreen wipers! We recommend to us urgently in case this happens.

Also please give a few minutes to warm the car before you leave the road! It is good for you, because at these temperatures (up to – 30 C), can lock brakes (brake pedal and hand), the accelerator pedal, doors, windows, etc..

Please use only the power stations PECO large gender PETROM, ROMPETROL OMV to avoid using poor quality fuel or water.

Please that if you rent the car does not start, not start it impigandu him! This can lead to destruction of the engine! Respecting these tips, you can avoid all these problems!

Thermometers were recorded Sunday night, minus 22.6 degrees Celsius at Joseni in Harghita county, being the second night in a row that have reported temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius in the county, while in Covasna, the Intorsura Buzaului was minus 23 degrees.

According to weather in the county of Harghita the lowest values were recorded between 01.00 and 03.00.

„The lowest temperature during the night was recorded at Joseni minus 22.6 degrees Celsius. In the first hours of the morning sky was overcast and temperatures began to increase slightly,” said Monday, MEDIAFAX correspondent, meteorology Lajos Krisztina Station from Miercurea Ciuc.

According to the source quoted, minimele recorded in other localities of Harghita county on the night of Sunday to Monday was minus 21 degrees Celsius in Miercurea Ciuc, minus 19.1 degrees at Topliţa minus 15.6 degrees at Székelyudvarhely and minus 13, 4 degrees at Bucin.

Meteorologii atenţionează that weather remains geroasă and the next, with the minimum of up to minus 19-20 degrees Celsius în depresiunea mountain peak and negative.

The lowest temperature recorded this season in Harghita county was recorded on Tuesday morning at Joseni Topliţa and, where they were minus 15 degrees.

According Lajos meteorologului Krisztina Weather Station from Miercurea Ciuc, in Joseni and Topliţa have been minus 15 degrees Celsius and snowing at Bucin were minus 10 degrees, and at Székelyudvarhely minus 6 degrees, it found a slight warming to the previous morning.

In Step Bucin, snow measured 60 inches, and the first hours of the morning began to snow again.

According to Head of Section National Roads Hargita, Catalin Romanescu is circulating in winter conditions on national roads crossing the high and DN 12 C in Red Lake, DN 13 Bucin Step B and top 15 to DN Creanga, the other national traffic arteries are normally held on the wet road black. On some parts of ND 13, Miercurea Ciuc – Székelyudvarhely, carosabilul is covered with veneer, particularly in lower localities, where it rains.

Meteorologii forecast for the next in a while Hargita slightly warming, with rain in areas located at low altitude and snow in mountain areas.

Thank you use services provided by renting cars Promoter Services! Please have a good year, full of the celebration, and continued to enjoy winter!

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