Rules For International Car Hire

When you are planning to travel to an unfamiliar land it can seem quite intimidating. Many often worry more about driving on the opposite side of the road, instead of trying to get all the proper requirements for an international car hire. The truth is driving on the opposite side of the road is something that you can easily adapt to. Your main focus should be finding out what requirements you will need in order to pick up your car hire in an overseas destination.

1. When traveling to an international destination, unless it is commonplace for the residents to not own a motor vehicle like in Bermuda then you should definitely make arrangements in advance to rent a vehicle. Most countries only offer intermittent forms of public transportation and relying on this as a means of getting around while on holiday may truly be difficult.
2. Find out the rules in advance. Many countries like Australia require reciprocation with other countries as far as driver’s licenses are concerned and this may mean that you don’t need to get an IDP or international driver’s permit. Each country will have its own rules, in Australia you can drive with a driver’s license from another country as long as the license is valid and is printed in English.
3. Investigate your insurance. You will need to find out if you will be covered while renting a car in another country. If you are covered, then you will need to contact your car rental agency or travel agent to get an insurance certificate to allow you to rent a vehicle. In Australia this is called a Green Card; other countries may call it by different names.
4. Before your trip, and even during your travels, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of the roads for your overseas destination. When you are utilizing a car hire, you must always obtain the rules of the road or you will be considered to have negated your contract. This is especially important to realize because any damage that is done to the vehicle, while you were not following the rules of the road, will cause you to be responsible for 100% of the damage repairs.

It is important that you have all required paperwork in order before arriving at your destination to pick up your car hire. If you do not know what you need to acquire or how to acquire something you can always conduct an online search or contact a travel agent. Renting a car for your vacation is the best way to see and experience all you want without being hindered by bus schedules or train routes.


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