Seasonal Advice : Promotor Services advice for driving in winter!

Drive in Winter

Seasonal Advice

Dear customers,

For a trouble-free use of the car in wintry conditions (snow, fog, low temperatures, glazed frost etc) we recommend the following:

• When starting the car after sitting idle for a long time it is recommended waiting about 5 minutes for the heating and demister systems to function properly.
• Clean the snow off the car totally using the scraper provided (check that the wiper blades are not stuck to the windscreen with ice).
• Only refill the windscreen wash tank with antifreeze washing fluid.
• During night time or when the car will not be driven for a longer period, we recommend not leaving the hand brake on.
• If snow chains need to be mounted, we recommend reading the installation instructions.
• Check the lights (low and high beam lights, turn signal lights, brake lights, etc) before starting any journey
• Greatly reduce speed when you are anywhere near a truck spreading salt and sand on the road.
• Towing of another car is strictly forbidden.

In case you are blocked in a remote area, please remain in the car. It is recommended getting out of the car only if you see a person who could help at a short distance in order to not expose yourself to frost for a long time.
When you are stuck in the snow and start the engine, take care that the exhaust pipe is clean and not covered in snow, as there is a danger of carbon poisoning.

Promotor Rent A Car Thank you for your understanding and wish you safe journey!

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