The Basics of Rental Car Insurance in Romania

If you travel to a different location by plane, and there is no one to pick you up, you will more than likely need to get a rental car. Depending upon the size of the vehicle itself, the amount that it will cost you will vary. Each time that you rent a car in Romania, you will be asked to get rental car insurance. This can be a very perplexing moment. The salesperson will insist that you should have this type of insurance. Other people will tell you that you can call your personal car insurance company and they will cover any damage on the car. In this article, we will look at the basics of rental car insurance and help you decide on whether or not getting this insurance is the right choice for you.

Basic Overview Of Rental Car Insurance in Romania
Car Rental Insurance in Romania

Car Rental Insurance in Romania

There are many different types of auto insurance that you can purchase before picking up your rental car anywhere in Romania. There is collision insurance which will protect you if the car is stolen or damaged in any way. You can get liability insurance, something that is required by law in most countries. Personal accident insurance will cover medical and ambulance bills for not only yourself, but other passengers in the car. There is also personal effects coverage which will compensate you for any personal items that are stolen if someone breaks in. Now that you have the basics of rental car insurance, let’s look at which type of coverage you should choose.

Which Rental Car Insurance Should You Choose?

In most cases, you can simply get away with liability coverage. This is the cheapest amount of coverage you can get while you are renting your car. If you are going to have the rental car for several days, you might want to consider collision insurance and personal accident insurance in case you are involved in an accident on the road during your stay. If you are worried about the location you will be staying at, and can foresee the possibility of having your rental car broken into, you might want to also get personal effects coverage so that any of your belongings that are stolen can be compensated for at a later time.

Many people will tell you that you can simply call your insurance company to add the rental car to your policy for a short period of time. Although this is an option that you can choose, but not in Romania! You might be better off with the coverage provided by the rental company if you are worried about your rates increasing in case of an accident or theft.

After looking at the tips in this article on the basics of rental car insurance, you should have a better idea of whether or not to purchase it when you rent the car. In most cases, the longer that you stay in a certain area, it is probably a great idea to get the additional coverage. This will provide you with the protection that you need, and also prevent your auto insurance rates from going up as a result of an accident that may occur.

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