Tips For Choosing A Rental Car In The Winter Months

winterWhen it comes to renting a car, the process is usually pretty easy. However, people who intend to get a rental car in the winter need to follow a few more tips. To ensure the safety of the car and their family when they are on the road. Below you will find some tips for how to rent a rental car in the wintertime.

Choose Carefully

If you are going to be driving a rental car in a place that is known to get a lot of ice and snow, then you will want to consider choosing a rental car that has either four wheel drive or all-wheel drive. You can even consider a car that has front wheel drive, but the others are a safer option.

When you are traveling in winter, you will need to get a rental car that has an anti-lock braking system as well. This system keeps the car from locking up if you skid on icy roads, which in turn helps to avoid uncontrollable skidding as well. You should never rent a rental car in the wintertime if it does not have an anti-lock braking system, also known as ABS.

Check Your Tires

Even before you load your stuff into the rental car to get started on your trip, you will want to check all four tires. You need to know that tires have to have an adequate tread depth in order to be able to rotate on wintry roadways. Make sure that every single tire is properly inflated as well because correctly inflated tires have less of a chance of failing at high speeds. They also skid less than tires that have low tire pressure on icy roads.

Check Your Windshield Wipers

You should check your windshield wipers as well before you get on the road. Snow can be blinding when driving and you don’t want it building up on the windshield as you drive. You should check your reservoir and make sure that it is full of window washing fluid. You want your wipers to be working properly and your blades to be flexible and not worn thin.

These are just a few tips for renting a rental car in the winter months. You should be sure to check everything from your windshield wipers to your tires and leave the lot with a full tank of fuel to avoid any mishaps along the way.

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