Tips On How To Rent A Car when travel in Romania

If you are planning to do any traveling, either business or personal, you’ll likely want to rent a car upon arrival at your destination. Most airports have car rental agencies onsite for your convenience.

These tips on how to rent a car will help you get the best deal.  Rates will depend on the type of vehicle, the time period, and things like agency specials. You can easily compare prices online and you can reserve your car online too. Almost all rental cars have automatic transmission, radio, and air conditioning. Even if you request a manual transmission, chances are it won’t be available upon arrival. If you are traveling with children that will require car restraint seats, make sure to request them when you book your car.

If you are renting a car in Romania , you usually do not need an international driver’s license. Your license from your home country should be adequate. That said, an international license can be helpful in proving to the agency that you have a valid license especially if they aren’t familiar with the licenses from your country.

Rental companies have different rules about who they will rent to. Some will not rent to anyone under the age of 25 while others won’t rent to anyone over the age of 70. Other rent to drivers under 25 but charge a premium. Check with the agencies for restrictions before you book.
The car rental business is extremely competitive so prices change frequently. Some companies offer regular advertised deals; others run random special promotions. If business is slow you are likely to be able to get a better rate than if you are trying to rent during peak seasons. No one agency has the monopoly on best prices. It just depends, so do your homework and don’t be afraid to try to barter a better price!

Sometimes if you booked through a travel agent, you might get a better price on your rental car. Some packages even include the rental fees. Compare these offers to see which is best.

The car rental insurance is where many agencies really soak you. The collision damage waiver and theft insurance they attempt to sell you is priced ridiculously high. But you also cannot risk driving without it. Some auto insurance companies have a rider that covers you and some credit cards also provide you with free coverage. See what you can do to avoid purchasing the rental agency’s insurance because it can almost double the price of your rental. Now that you know how to rent a car and get the best deal, you’ll have a few extra dollars in your pocket to start planning that next vacation.

How Car Rental Agencies Can Make Your Trip That Much Easier

Car rental agencies, along with many other factors, have played a vital role in increasing the easiness of travelling by providing a service through which travelers can easily rent a car of their choice. One can rent a car of any color, shape and model at reasonable prices from these car rental agencies. A rented car, which has been rented from an office sited in one city, can be easily dropped at another office situated in a different city. Besides manual reservations, most car rental companies have developed interactive websites to assist in making online reservations and helping travelers. Being able to rent a car is a service as the number of companies providing car rental services has greatly increased in the last few years.

It really doesn’t matter where in the world you’re traveling to or from. You can easily rent a car to take care of your transportation needs. People even rent cars from the local car rental agency in their home town.  Why?  Possibly because their car isn’t as late model as they would like, yet they still want to take some time and get away.
Be aware that some car rental companies have geographic restrictions on their cars. You’ll need to know where you intend to go and make sure that your rental agreement allows that. Once you’ve dotted all the I’s and crossed all the t’s you can hit the road and really enjoy yourself.

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