Understanding the Promotor Rent Car Loyalty Program

Promotor Rent Car Loyalty Program

Promotor Rent Car Loyalty Program

If you are going to be visiting Romania quite a bit, whether you are a tourist or a business professional, joining the Promotor Rent Car Loyalty Program is an idea that we recommend. This is a program that allows you to accrue free car rentals in a very short amount of time. The benefit is not only the free rental, but also the peace of mind that comes with using the quality and service of the Promotor brand. Our loyalty program is not designed to bring in more customers but instead to reward those who use our services frequently.
Just like other loyalty clubs, the Promotor Rent Car Loyalty Program gives you points with each car rental. The good news, though, is that you can earn points by doing more than just using a car. We partner with several different hotel chains throughout Romania to provide joint points to customers. So the points you accrue through the Promotor Rent Car Loyalty Program are good for more than just rentals. You can also turn them into other amenities, like free hotel nights and shopping rewards with a number of different vendors.
Understanding why you should use this loyalty program goes beyond just knowing which cars you want to rent. After all, many car rental companies have a lot in common. With Promotor Rent a Car, you are getting access to some of the very best cars in Europe. The days are over when Romania leans on the rest of Eastern Europe to provide its transportation fleet. If you are scared that you will get off the rental car bus and find a Yugo waiting for you, never fear. Good brands such as BMW, Ford, and Volkswagen all fill our rental fleets, rather than the shoddy ones that used to characterize Eastern Europe.
Loyalty programs are just one way that companies build brand loyalty among their clientele. By joining the Promotor Rent Car Loyalty Program, you help to ensure that you will have a quality car waiting for you each time you visit the country. While this is definitely important, our track record of customer service speaks for itself. You will not have any issues with the staff who serves you or, whether the car has mechanical issues or not. Most of our cars are quite reliable, but when a problems silps through the racks, we take care of it that day.

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