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Planning a trip to Romania

Planning a trip to Romania

Are you planning a trip to Romania? You will find that Romania has a rich history and many touristic places to visit. Instead of spending your entire vacation in the same place, you should think about renting a vehicle so you can travel throughout the country and see more.
Promotor Rent a Car is a very successful car rental company in Romania. You will find that our rentals meet safety standards and that there is a good selection of vehicles available. The prices are very reasonable and you have the possibility to return the car anywhere.
If you cannot go to a Promotor Rent a Car agency, you can simply call us and one of our employees will bring you the car you wanted. You can also call Promotor if you need to rent a limo at the Bucharest Otopeni Airport or need transportation in our airport shuttle. This is ideal if you plan on travelling throughout Romania and need transportation to get back to the airport at the end of your vacation.
Promotor Rent a Car will give you a free membership for our services the first time you rent a car. Your membership can be used for priority car hire services or to get discounts from Promotor’s business partners. The more you rent with Promotor, the more money you will save. You should take this membership in consideration if you want to compare pricing with other rental services.
Renting a car will give you the possibility to see all of Romania.
Staying in the same city during your entire vacation would be too bad, especially since you can rent a quality vehicle at a very affordable price. You should visit the Promotor Rent a Car website or give us a call before your trip to Romania to learn more about your different options.

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