What car to choose when you travel in Romania

Of course everyone has different preferences when we’re talking about cars! We are not trying to impose a certain type / kind of car, we will try to give you some practical advice.
You are the one who choose! Anyway, we can give you some advices what car to choose when you rent a car in Romania.

An important factor is the place where you intend to use the car (Bucharest – noise, nerves,no parking places, Mountains – long way, serpentine, larger seats for baggage, any other place> 200 km).
If you want to rent a car for driving in Bucharest, we recommend a car from Economy Class, a car with a low consumption, a car easy to park, because in Bucharest parking is a big problem. As a small car, economical, easy to park, we advice you to choose a car from our Economic Class.
In case you need a car in Bucharest to go to a business meeting or a place where you need an imposing car ,we will recommend a car from Business Class.
Small cars, economical and easy parking are: Logan MPI, Opel Astra and Opel Astra Classic N-Joy.
In case you need a car to travel a longer (> 200 km), we recommend a car from FullSize, bigger cars, more spacious more stable at higher speeds.
With all responsibility, we recommend: Skoda Octavia, Opel Vectra, Toyota Avensis or Peugeot 407. We recommended from business class: Bmw and Audi.

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