What papers you need to rent a car in Romania

What papers you need to rent a car in Romania:

1. Bulletin / valid identity card or passport

2. Driving license

3. Credit or debit card (to guarantee)

To not remember very much with the completion of the rental car delivery, it is appropriate to send us copies of these documents as soon as you make your booking car. Acts you will not be given or made available to anyone besides the police if necessary.

It is good to know that any illegal activity done during the rental car will make you directly responsible, and we, as well as rental car company, we are obliged to provide competent organs, acts of your identity. Usually, we request your papers when you register with the radar device, with a speed higher than the legal.

In case you are tirmis copies of the documents you when you made your reservation, please you have to, when the car taken, copies of driving licenses after another identity card (ID card or passport).

Delivery vehicle will be handed the rent (which, please read it and sign it), copies of registration (certificate of registration, insurance RCA, rovinieta) bill and accompanied by a receipt. It is good that these acts will be held all in one place to put them at the disposal of bodies in case of a tipsy control.veti could make such proof that the car is rented from Endorser Services

Any loss of one of the acts mentioned above (registration), have announced emergency at 0728 291 762 or fax 021 3,305,544.

Remember that cars rented from Endorser Services can not be conducted by persons other than those listed in the inchiriere.Pe the rent may be two drivers past, without being paid a fee in addition! Any damage car produced by someone other than those listed in the contract will automatically lead to the payment of damages.

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