Why Choose Promotor Rent A Car In Romania

Promotor Rent a Car Romania

If you are visiting Romania, you should think about renting a vehicle so you can travel around the country. A U.S. or a Canadian driver’s license are valid in Romania and traffic laws are very similar to what you are used to. Be prepared to deal with heavy traffic if you go through a city during rush hour.

Promotor Rent A Car has been offering quality rentals for many years.

This company has many agencies throughout Romania and offers excellent prices. Renting a car from Promotor could be a great way to travel between cities so you can see more touristic attractions.
Promotor offers flexible options. You can for instance return the vehicle you rented at any location. This is ideal if you want to travel from one city to the next and do not wish to keep your rental for your entire stay. You can even ask Promotor to bring you the vehicle you want to rent if you cannot go pick it up yourself.

Promotor Rent a Car offers useful services such as limo rental at the Bucharest airport.

If you do not want a limo, you should consider taking the Promotor airport shuttle to get to your hotel. Once you rent with Promotor, you will get a free membership. Your membership will give you access to priority rentals and to interesting discounts. The membership also includes an online account so you can easily manage your rentals and rent a new vehicle whenever you need to.
You will not regret renting a vehicle from Promotor Rent A Car. You will find that the vehicles are very comfortable and reliable. The excellent customer service offered in every Promotor location will make your stay in Romania even more pleasant. You should start doing some research on the different touristic attractions you will be able to visit thanks to your rental vehicle.

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